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Maximizing Your Extra Day: Making the Most of Leap Day

Happy Leap Day! This day only comes around once every 4 years. What are you going to do with this extra 24 hours you have been given? Maybe it's time to make a change or try something new.  Or, ask yourself what you would like your career or life to look like 4 years from now, when this day rolls around again.  Here are suggestions for changes you might try:


  • Decide to be the leader today, not just the boss

  • Give a passionate speech to the team to inspire a shared vision for the future

  • Send a quick email of appreciation to an associate

  • Walk your talk

  • Take the time to figure out what your talk (leadership philosophy) is

  • Anticipate and embrace change

  • Schedule more 1:1s with your team

  • Increase your PNR (positive to negative ratio)

  • Delegate

  • Tell the team mistakes are ok then help them learn from them

  • Start mentoring someone

  • Listen to understand

  • Boost someone’s confidence


  • Take one step that gets you closer to landing your ideal job

  • Volunteer for a new project or assignment

  • Pitch a new idea

  • Change something up

  • Find a mentor or sponsor

  • Take a class

  • Send a quick email of appreciation to a colleague, associate or customer

  • Have lunch with someone you normally don’t dine with

  • Make the call or send the email that you have been putting off

  • Limit multi-tasking - put all of your focus on the task at hand and see what happens


  • Join a gym

  • Take a workout class

  • Join a team

  • Sign up for golf lessons

  • Take a minute today to just breathe

  • Do some Yoga

  • Sign up for a meditation class

  • Eat vegetables

  • Drink 8 glasses of water

  • Take a walk

  • Book a vacation

  • Spend time with your pet



  • Book that getaway weekend with your significant other

  • Hire a babysitter

  • Send them a text just because

  • Call your Mom or Dad

  • Plan to have family dinner

  • Put the phone down so that your kids see your eyes, and not the top of your head when they walk in the room.

  • Make the call you have been putting off

  • Tell someone you love them



  • Say a prayer

  • List 10 things you are thankful for

  • Spend at least 10 minutes outside (even if it means donning your ski gear 😊)

  • Use your power of intention to decide how you want this extra day to go

  • Think about 3 positive things that happened to you so far today

  • Try a mediation app - (calm, ten percent happier, etc.)

  • Take 3 deep breaths



Janine Friedman, Owner and founder of Choice Training and Coaching Solutions, Inc. is a leadership and peak performance coach and holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coaching Federation. She empowers busy and oftentimes stressed out professionals to achieve success at work without giving up happiness in life.

To learn more about her background click here.    To schedule a FREE coaching consult, click here.


Success is a Choice.

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