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"Janine has helped me come to a few realizations about myself that I can apply to different aspects of my life, not just at work. She helped me gain confidence in my abilities and shake feelings of inadequacy. She also helped me get a handle of my physical and mental space to allow me to be intentional and efficient with my actions. Lastly, she showed me that I need to be kind to myself and that I was getting in my own way. She gave solid guidance when needed, but mostly allowed me to look within and realize things for myself." 

Choice Client, Scientist

“Reflecting on this past year working with Janine Friedman, the focus of our sessions has been on guiding me away from “perfection” and leading me to clarity, consistency, and stability.  And wow, what a difference shifting my mindset from fixed to growth has yielded in my life and how much others recognize the ongoing shift and I use the word ongoing because working on the shift with Janine will be a part of my journey for a long time. Janine often says that her clients “do all the work”, but I would like to take a moment to recognize Janine’s contribution to my growth and success through her innate intuition, enthusiasm, wisdom, and compassion paired with her intelligence and growth mindset, at a pace that I was not achieving on my own and I am thankful for Janine’s support.  I am looking forward to working with Janine to figure out a plan on how I will accomplish my next set of goals.”

Fortune 500 Corporate Executive

I recently was on a live call with Janine Friedman. Just listening to what she had to to cope during this very trying time with the Covid virus was so uplifting. Everything she mentioned clicked with me. She lifted me up and helped me re-invent myself with my business. Since that call, my business has improved most likely because of my attitude. Janine made me fully realize there are just some things you have no control over. BUT that doesn't mean your life has to STOP. I will be forever grateful for the suggestions  inspiration that she poured into me. 

Linda Herskowitz, Sr. Sales Director Mary Kay Cosmetics

I reached out to Janine because I was embarking on a new career path in a leadership role and I was quite anxious and I understood that taking on a new work challenge would require a new level of support. My first impressions of Janine were positive, her high level of Intelligence and 25 years as an Executive Leadership Coach manifested immediately and continues to remain present in our weekly sessions. I recognized her positive attitude at the start and her energy was and remains one of her strongest assets. What made the most memorable impact in our first meeting was her honesty and courage, she challenged my programming and limiting beliefs in our first meeting and continues to do so today by asking thought provoking questions, and her timing was spot on, she did not miss a beat the first time we met, and her consistency has continued flawlessly.


Janine consistently displays a level of passion towards developing her clients into the leaders we want to become. I have learned that the purpose of a coach is not to make decisions for us, but rather hold us accountable for what we want to improve in our lives and support us on our journey. What makes Janine distinctive, is her innate ability to guide you through challenging your programming and limiting self-beliefs through support and compassion without judgement. Janine’s coaching has led me to a level of confidence that I didn’t realize I wanted to achieve, and my increased confidence has made a positive impact on my day-to-day leadership style in all areas of my life.


Janine and I have worked through quite a few sessions in which she coaches me on the principles of Flow and Emotional Intelligence and how my programming outside of the office leads to my behaviors which ultimately leads to strengthening my relationship management skills in my leadership role. A good portion of our sessions have been utilized to assist in setting me up with the tools to retrain my brain’s programming that I have learned throughout life by practicing cognitive presence and mindfulness so that I strengthen my “self-awareness”. Janine flexes to the needs of the individual and does so with strong composure and a “no complaint attitude”. Janine is guiding me towards executing my path to success and serves as a supportive coach when we recognize successful wins. My gratitude towards Janine’s character and coaching experience is strong. Janine’s passion and dedication to developing impactful passionate leaders align with my leadership goals and Janine inspires me to persevere through challenges mindfully.


I have learned from Janine that the sky is the limit for my “what’s next”. Janine’s wisdom and humility as a person and an Executive Leadership Coach is unrivaled as she shows up as her best in every interaction. I am learning to draw from her positive energy to find hope and inspiration. Personally, this is what the coaching experience is all about, working with Janine has kept me motivated and accountable to meet my leadership goals while having some fun along the way.

CL, Senior Global Product Operations Manager, NY

Over a 20 year career, I'm extremely proud of many accomplishments as I have had completely different jobs, spanned continents, and gone from an individual contributor to a leader of people to an executive.

However, along the journey, I have often developed my skills through self-learning, good managers, and great mentors. At this stage of my career, I was running out of options and needed someone to get me to the next level.

That's where Janine came in. Working with her has helped me develop into the leader and executive that I aspire to be. Still and will always be a work in progress but the improvement has been personally rewarding and satisfying.

I'm appreciative that Janine listened, focused on core areas of improvement, reminded me of my strengths, and developed a growth plan. Some areas of focus: stress management, dealing with specific obstacles/areas of friction, and self-care.

This has not only resulted in better leadership as an executive but focusing on what matters - mindfulness, work/life balance has even made me a better husband and father.

Vikas B., Head of Global Sales and CX, Kustomer and Meta

“Working with Janine, I've achieved challenging career objectives, improved personal and professional relationships, and found greater balance in my life. Her techniques allow your strengths to be realized, your journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I am a more confident and fulfilled individual today as a result of Janine's coaching.”

Lisa C., Vice President, Corporate Governance, Aircastle

I recently was on a live call with Janine Friedman. Just listening to what she had to to cope during this very trying time with the Covid virus was so uplifting. Everything she mentioned clicked with me. She lifted me up and helped me re-invent myself with my business. Since that call, my business has improved most likely because of my attitude. Janine made me fully realize there are just some things you have no control over. BUT that doesn't mean your life has to STOP. I will be forever grateful for the suggestions  inspiration that she poured into me. 

Linda Herskowitz, Sr. Sales Director Mary Kay Cosmetics

“When I met Janine, I was relatively new to the management world. I had been elevated to management after fifteen years in the field, starting as an entry level processor in 2000 and working my way up to Senior Consultant. I knew all about the ins and outs of the business I am in, was strong with customer service and applying my history and working knowledge to motivate my staff and encourage growth. As I grew into my role, I slowly began to notice the little things that I was failing at. Certain interactions with staff and ownership were not resulting in a positive outcome and I was growing increasingly frustrated without a lot of resources to turn to. Over a period of 5 months of working with Janine, I learned more about the management and direction of people as well as the importance of applying my strengths to motivate the team. She has helped me find my inner confidence and has helped me build incredible mental strength that I was not aware that I had, and to first look inward when examining problems and solutions. Her thoughtful discussions helped me in ALL aspects of my life, not just career-oriented improvements. Working with Janine is simply the best move I have made. And the best part to me, is that Janine is 100% genuine, believes in what she is teaching and strives to really address what is important! I cannot thank you enough, Janine!”

S. Gomez, Compliance Manager Long Island, NY

“Coaching with Janine has been life changing, I have learned so any tools and techniques that I have been able to apply to all aspects of my life. I also see using these techniques throughout the rest of my life. It was easy to talk to Janine, I felt like we were just having a conversation as friends and she made it easy to bring up anything I needed to talk about. With our work together I am in the position I want to be, and I am constantly working to do my best and learn more to be even better. The main thing I am most proud of myself for achieving is more overall patience, and I've learned especially in this case that some things are worth the wait. 

Choice Client

“Janine’s skill as a career coach helped me land my ideal job.  She empowered me to realize that it was possible to find a job that would be enjoyable and fulfilling for me and still pay me what I am worth.  A job search is always stressful. We worked through ways to manage the stress and Janine helped me bring positive and confident energy to every interview I went on.  She helped me to focus on my strengths and realize all that I have to offer any employer.  I recommend her to anyone who has recently lost a job and needs support getting through the difficult process of landing a new one.  Thank you Janine!”

Lance Bravin, Business Relationship Officer, Signature Bank


Janine really listened to the unique needs of our team and customized a program that addressed every one of those needs.  The group has been asking for training like this for a while and Janine completely delivered!"  

​​D. Sterling, Sr. Employee Relations Program Manager, Fortune 500 Bank


"Janine's skill and experience as a coach comes through in each session. She is always present and on point, letting my agenda lead, not her own. And, she gently guides through what might be in the way of moving forward. I have gotten to a place in this time with Janine I'm not sure I would have had the courage to get to on my own. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who seeks clarity and progress in their lives. Thank you!"

Stephanie L., Attorney

Janine utilizes her excellent communication skill set to train employees. I have hired her on many occasions to reinforce policies and other workplace issues. I constantly receive very positive feedback regarding her subject expertise and delivery. She has a knack for delivering her message in understandable terms that allow for lasting memorization of the subject matter.”

Joeseph Libertelli, Director of Human Resources, Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc.​

"In the beginning of quarantine, I spent a lot of down time watching shows and snacking. Then I snapped back into my routine of breathing, journaling  - stress management and self-care, especially after I moved into the apartment. Best part of all... Chloe has her own separate backyard and her cousin doggos right in the other side of the fence to play with. And we’re right by a marina so we go on walks as well.

Thank you for all the tools to stay healthy! It’s not always easy, but it’s a choice."

Lindsey Hecker

I’ve been quite busy but not exhausted . I have been putting people in place to free up space for myself this next two week where I am going to enjoy a 10 day staycation starting this Thursday and I’m so excited . I can’t wait to meet again and share with you how so much of our sessions became my personal tool box . I am so grateful"

Restaurant Owner, Plainview, NY

"Thanks Janine! – you know how much I enjoyed our time, but in reality you helped prepare me not only to be a manager, but one that is effective during times like this.  I feel so much more confident, comfortable, etc, even though the world is upside down right now!!!!"

Stephen Gomez

"I recently participated in a webinar hosted by Janine on the topic of Preserving Your Energy during these difficult Coronavirus-times. The program was EXCELLENT! It included tips to be mindful, manage your time, avoid overload of information and how to manage stress and the new environment that we're all living in. The session also included a mini-meditation session which was fantastic. The ideas and tips Janine discussed work in today's environment and will also work when life returns to "normal." I highly recommend consulting with her and using her services to enhance and strengthen your personal and business lives." 

Elan Wurtzel, Attorney at Law Offices of ELAN WURTZEL, P.C.

"Janine, I am in awe of how effortlessly you connect with everyone in a room. Your calm and inviting manner encourages people to relax, engage and absorb. As a second timer, I came away with reinforcement of some lessons and new perspective on others. The sharing of experiences by the newcomers made it all fresh!"

Barbara Mars, Plainview Old Bethpage Chamber of Commerce Assistant and Freelance Writer and Editor

"All of my staff thought Janine did a wonderful job.  In fact, one employee came to my office and said 'I better change my attitude!'"

M. Lennon, Village of Sea Cliff

"We have implemented the lessons learned from the workshop which has resulted in more teamwork and a more efficient staff. As a result of Janine’s efforts, the partners have started writing a new business plan with the goals and vision of the firm’s future. The results over the past few months have been happier staff and happier clients which is a win-win for everyone.”

Brad Bernstein, CPA and Partner at Farber, Blicht, Eyerman & Herzog

"Do you know when you find a really good restaurant and you're afraid to tell people about it, because you may not get a table?  I'm hesitant to recommend Janine because I am afraid of "no table".  Seriously though, if you need a "guidance counselor" for life, she's perfect for life coaching, career coaching and helping you grow as a person."

Julian Gottesman, Director of Information, Hudson Valley Radiologists, DRA Imaging P.C.

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been conducting 1 on 1 meetings with various employees and I met with a few today, one being an older gentleman that has been with us less than a year. Anyway, when I explained to him the reason for our meeting, I noted that I started as manager in January and have been training with you for a few months now.  His exact words to me were "I assumed you were the manager for years already the way you handle everything". We both agreed its obvious my coaching/training with you has paid off thus far! Thank you again for everything!” 

John Maggio, Store Manager, Trio Hardware 


"Janine is very skilled and professional.  I was able to identify, define and acheive my goals with her assistance."

Thomas Roddy, VP Commercial Relationship Manger, The Home Savings and Loan Company

“This was a great training!  Most fun, interactive and informative training I’ve been to.” 

Allison C., Employee, Mercy Haven, Inc.



Janine is impassioned, inspiring and knowledgeable.  Thank you!” 
Gayle Charlack, Franchise Owner​, Tutor Doctor

A great learning experience for young professionals looking to set themselves apart as leaders.”
Christine Patti, Coordinator of Community Relations Northwell Health


"Thank you so much for taking the time to join us at the Legislature! Your training was both insightful and informative, and I know it will have a lasting impact of helping to shape communications and interactions in the future. We have received so much positive feedback and we are so grateful for today's training!

Crystal Berger, Chief of Staff for Legislator Arnold Drucker, District 16

"Janine is a great speaker - lots of practical ideas to take away.  I will change few things like showing more appreciation for my team."

Radha Syed, MD

"When I first came to see Janine, I was extremely unhappy with my job and that was effecting all aspects of my life. With her help, I was able to refocus and reprioritize and I feel so much happier. As a result, my relationships with my husband, my kids, and my co-workers have all improved. This was a great experience for me, and I would highly recommend Janine as a coach."

R.P., Director, Cablevision


“Everyone will take away something from this training and become a better person and leader in all aspects of their life. I am sad that it came to an end.”

​​Karen Grimm, CPA and Partner at Farber, Blicht, Eyerman & Herzog


"I really appreciated Janine helping us to better understand and use certain tools to achieve a more productive, valuable and stress free day!"

Amanda D., Shortrun Forms

"Not only are Janine's classes educational but they are fun and rewarding & a good experience."

Alyssa P., Shortrun Forms

"Janine and I connected from the very beginning. I felt like she understood me and could feel the pain I was feeling from the moment I stepped into her office. She was always present in the sessions, professional but nurturing as well. At times I felt like she was my biggest cheerleader and was just as disappointed as I was, when the big interviews didn't work out, but just like a good cheerleader, she was there to pop back up and helped me see why, that job probably wasn't the best fit for me. While some jobs might have been amazing opportunities, she was able to show me, in a realistic way, why they might not have been right for me. Janine didn't let me harp on the negative emotions, but used my pain for productive energy. I would absolutely recommend Janine to others as she is caring, committed and knowledgeable in her field."

Teacher, New York

"Janine did an excellent job in developing and presenting a Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for our internship program. She was able to frame the discussion so that all were engaged and better able to understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the workplace. The interns benefitted much more from having information and scenarios presented to them in an open discussion, as opposed to the online module they were required to complete. We are now further down the path towards fostering a workplace culture that treats all with dignity and respect."

Shari Bieber, Nassau County Legislature

"Janine has a perfect style for communicating information, gives great examples, and always does a great job!"

Andrea Goldman, Founder, The Family College Experience

"Brava Janine, you were fabulous. I just had a mentoring session with a more timid employee  and she thanks you."

Marianne Plummer, Vice President/Branch Manager, The First National Bank of Long Island

“I Just wanted to reach out and thank you for all the help and insight that you’ve provided over our coaching sessions.   It’s been an experience that will surely stick with me throughout my life. Thank you!”

Matthew Mackay, Strategic Account Manager, Henry Schein

“It was such a pleasure having Janine with us.  The presentation was an absolute success and I was told by many of the employees  that the session made an impact on them, professionally and personally”.

Vicky Best-Morris, Education and Outreach Administrator, US Department of Labor, Civil Rights Center

“I wanted to thank you for the fabulous help and suggestions you gave me when I met with you. I was planning on taking a break, but got a call for an interview shortly after I met with you. Four interviews later, I got the job! Your help  was a big part of that."

Lori Frucht, Marketing Director

“Janine is a very effective and intuitive coach. She guided me to clarity in one session. She has a wealth of tools and knowledge to provide value in almost any situation. I highly recommend her services!"

Stephanie Horn, Owner, Synergy Professional HR Consulting Inc

“I had a very positive experience with Janine. She has a very relaxed, yet professional office atmosphere where I was able to get in tune with my thoughts and our conversations. Janine is a very confident and experienced coach and I use her recommendations in my every day life for the past few years. I highly recommend anyone that wants to make their life better and to live their best life to give her a call!."

Liz, Choice Client

“Janine Friedman provided me with excellent experiences that allowed me to see more clearly what needed to be done in my business and life in order to create better balance and more success in both areas. Thank you Janine!"

Choice Client, Chiropractor

“Janine, I have to tell you how your seminar empowered me in my job. It was usually difficult for me to ask for more money but after your seminar it became an easy, matter of fact conversation explaining the facts of what I do, with the data to support it. It took having a number of meetings but I continued to follow up and I wanted you to know that I was very successful in my endeavor."

Anonymous, Choice Client

“Janine, thank you for providing a very successful training on stress management to my staff. You provided them excellent tools to use in reducing stress in their jobs. It was an interactive, informative session that my staff truly appreciated!"

Cheryl, Long Island School District

Janine is a good listener and she helps you build your confidence a lot. I can talk more confidently and comfortably. I no longer focus on what others are thinking while I am talking."

Ganesh Shukla, Choice Client

“Janine gave small exercises to appear and feel more confident, and I now have a deeper understanding of what I was looking for job-wise, which helped narrow my process and make finding a job more manageable. She also helped increase my awareness of the phases of grief (re my job loss and transition) - this awareness led me to work through each stage more intentionally and find peace with it quickly. Thank you so much! I'm really grateful for all you helped me accomplish, skills which I have continued to utilize regularly."

Emily Ely, Partner Training Program Manager at AWS

"It is rare that speakers can be so effecting time and time again. But Janine has proven that she can address many different topics with great results."

Choice Presentation Attendee

“I would definitely recommend Janine to anyone who is looking for help with a job search or just general life questions. I couldn't have landed my dream job without her!"

B Kurnit, Coordinator, Game Presentation and Match Day Operations at Philadelphia Union

“I’ve been thinking of you… because all that we spoke about 4 years ago is coming to light. It’s almost surreal. My fiancé and I planned a wedding! Never thought I’d even say that; I really thought we’d have a backyard bbq and call it a day. But as you already know from the invites, it is quite the opposite affair. We finally made ourselves at home in our apartment lol, took two years but we did it. We have our own space and a yard… even thinking about what we want in our own house now. 

I feel like I’ve grown so much, I’ve learned so much and I’m ready for change. Even with work… I had felt like this office was the best office in the world and I needed to be there to be successful. After mastering my trade here, I feel bored and slightly unappreciated. On a whim, I interviewed for another position and got the job before even meeting them. I gave my notice in person, did my best to remain as professional as possible. And even stood my ground about my feelings about saying goodbye to my patients. My last day is tomorrow, it’s been emotional and tough but I did it in the right/professional way. An earlier version of myself maybe would’ve sent an email and not returned or completed my 2 weeks. I’m proud of myself and I know I work hard and do the right thing even when it isn’t easy. 


Could I be better with my coping mechanisms? Of course. But I know it’s also important to be gentle with yourself, especially when it’s a tough time. All good things! Thank you for being the voice in the back of my head and making me the professional I am today! I landed a corporate position with benefits, hourly increase, bonuses, and my own assistant. Moving up and challenging myself 🥰. Thinking of you and excited to spend some time together soon!”

LH, Dental Hygenist

“I’m just so grateful to have friends enjoy this amazing group of musicians in my very own backyard. It feels like such a blessing and thanks to you I enjoy everything so much more, I am more mindful and practice gratitude and meditation regularly. Most importantly, thank you for making such positive changes in my life and teaching me the importance of gratitude and its role in happiness. You’re an amazing person."

JG, Product Manager/Information Architect, Northwell Health

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