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Leadership Coaching

  •  Are you frustrated because you cannot motivate your team?

  • Is turnover a significant problem within your team?


  • Have employees complained about your management style?

If this describes your work situation, leadership coaching is for you.

I have almost 25 years of experience coaching leaders:

  • On the verge of burnout

  • Struggling to retain qualified talent and/or engage their teams

  • Lacking in confidence (Imposter Syndrome)

  • Seeking to improve their emotional intelligence and/or executive presence


How Can Coaching Benefit You?

Many employees are promoted to a leadership role based on their technical skills, not on their ability to manage a team. Then they are told to lead without being given any training or coaching on how to be effective leaders.

Through coaching, I’ll draw out your unique leadership style, formulate goals and strategies and sharpen your skills to enable you to become a successful leader.


As your skills develop, you’ll see the results in higher team performance, productivity, and morale; decreased turnover; and a positive impact on the bottom line of your department and company. You’ll also achieve greater job satisfaction and increased confidence in your abilities.


What Happens During the Coaching Process?

Throughout our sessions together, I will ask clarifying questions, provide perspective, support, and accountability all aimed at helping you grow as a leader. I will customize a program that is tailored to your leadership background and experience, as well as the culture and demands of your workplace.

Using The Leadership Challenge model, we will select three specific leadership behaviors on which to focus our efforts and coaching. Throughout the process, I will provide research examples and individual case studies/stories, reflective questions, and "take action" items. My objective is to help you excel as a leader in your career as well as all other areas of your life.

Complimentary Coaching Consultation


To book a FREE coaching consultation to learn more about what coaching can do for you and your team, Click here or call 516-225-8948.



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