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Corporate Coaching

Why Does Your Company Need Coaching?

  • Employees are leaving organizations in droves and employers are scratching their heads wondering what to do to stop the mass exodus. Show how much you value your team by providing them with the tools to succeed. They’ll perform more impactfully and they will be more likely to stay if you are satisfying their desire to grow and learn.


  • It costs anywhere from 50% - 200% of an employee’s salary to replace them. Coaching is a fraction of that cost.


  • There is no cookie cutter approach to employee development as each individual has a different background, experiences, and developmental needs.  Coaching is always individually customized and designed to draw the expertise out of each employee so they can work to their strengths and interests for optimal workplace performance. Coaching will center around the following topics and will be tailored to your organization’s corporate culture.


Coaching Topics Include (but are not limited to):

Emotional Intelligence – EQ is how we perceive, express, understand and regulate emotions. Technical ability and IQ are not enough and the higher a person goes in an organization, the more vital EQ skills are. We will cover the four dimensions of EQ so the coachee can grow their skills in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. We will discuss motivation, initiative, empathy, listening, stress management, embracing change, and mindfulness.

Preventing Burnout – Unfortunately, burnout is a widespread problem and a huge cost to the health of employees and the bottom line of organizations. In addition, many professionals who quit do so because they have been in this state for far too long. The happy and healthy employee is the successful one. We will draw upon positive psychology tools like mindfulness, meditation, exercise, social connection, optimism, and gratitude to help bring a sense of calm and contentment that will get your team out of burnout and into optimal performance.


Peak Performance – According to McKinsey, an employee can perform at five times their normal rate in the state of flow. We’ll draw upon science-backed tools to help them become more efficient in their work and have their output soar. They will learn to focus, limit distractions, tap into the power of mindfulness, and find their challenge/skill sweet spot so they can achieve their goals at work more effectively and efficiently.


Time Management – Drawing from Stephen Covey’s matrix, coachees will learn to shift from spending their time putting out fires or in the quadrant of waste to focusing on the non-urgent but important tasks that will help them be successful at getting it all done.


Confidence and Communication – Tools will be provided to build confidence level for giving presentations, negotiating, running meetings, leading a team, and day to day interactions with co-workers. This will include helping them identify and let go of limiting beliefs that may be holding coachee back or keeping them stuck.


Leadership – New generations of workers will not accept the old way of leading and you will continue to see swarms of staff leave if this is not addressed. I’ll coach your team leaders on the difference between leading and managing and help them learn and implement new leadership behaviors designed to inspire, motivate, and retain your valuable staff and help them effortlessly achieve departmental goals. We will dive into The Leadership Challenge’s 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership and cultivate tools for building trust, greater employee engagement, and success.


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