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Success is a Choice and we're here to empower your choice to reach your full potential.


Our Mission

We chose to name this company “Choice” because that word is integral to our philosophy and every training or coaching session we conduct. We emphasize that there are behaviors people can actively choose to engage in that will cultivate more satisfaction at work and in life. And, when individuals realize they have a choice, they become empowered. Our mission is to encourage organizations and employees to take positive action to achieve their goals.

Our Difference

Choice offers a powerful and insightful blend of training, coaching, human resources, and EAP experience. Our expertise enables us to coach the person rather than just addressing the specific problem resulting in long-lasting and sustainable change and growth.

Our Services

Our one-on-one coaching is designed to help you improve your performance, develop and expand your career path, and enhance your work-life balance. We offer:

  • Executive coaching. We assist busy executives who are typically dissatisfied with some aspect of their work or personal life or have work performance issues. Our programs are customized to their needs and goals to enable them to achieve a more successful life.

  • Leadership coaching. We work with leaders and new managers who are struggling with motivating or engaging their teams. Our coaching gives them the skills and knowledge to help them become more effective leaders.

  • Career and job search coaching. Individuals at all stages of their career may need guidance on their next steps. We help clients interested in making a change, but unsure of the direction they want to take.


Choice also provides training and education in leadership and management, emotional intelligence, workplace wellness, and women's empowerment. Our programs are designed to increase employee productivity, effectiveness, engagement, and ultimately, your organization’s bottom line.



Executive, leadership and career coaching designed to create sustainable change and growth.



Customized training tailored to support the needs and culture of your organization.



Check out our video library and blog to help you sharpen your skills.

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