Choice Training and Coaching Solutions, Inc. provides on-site training and education in leadership and management, workplace/HR, wellness, customer service and healthcare.  Our programs are designed to increase employee productivity, effectiveness, engagement and ultimately, your organization’s bottom line.  Our training is customized to meet the specific vision, values and culture of each individual client company.  Employees are the most valuable resource your business has.  Make the Choice to offer them top-notch training tailored to the specific needs of your organization.


Executive coaching paired with our training enables clients to effect long lasting and sustainable change and growth.  One-on-one coaching is designed to improve performance, augment career paths, foster accountability and engagement, and enhance work/life balance.  When you make the Choice to provide our combination of stellar training with one-on-one coaching, you are showing your workforce you are truly committed to their development and success, as well as the future growth of your business.


Choice offers a powerful and insightful blend of training, coaching, human resources and EAP experience.  As a boutique firm, Choice maintains a small client base so clients know they are not just a number, but a partner.


We chose to name this company “Choice” because the word comes up in virtually every training or coaching session we conduct.  Once an employee (or business) realizes they have a choice, they become empowered.


Success is a Choice.




Customized training tailored to support the needs of your organization.



Desined to create sustainable change and growth.



Our training and coaching will lead to improved employee performance, engagement and organizational effectiveness.  When you develop your employees, you develop your business.