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Give the Present of Being Present

Holiday Stress Management Tip #5

Give the Present of Being Present Being present means you are fully engaged in the moment (not worrying about the future or regretting the past). Getting all of your senses involved can help you to achieve this state, so can meditation. Make an effort to concentrate on completing one task at a time and slowing down. Bring all of your conscious awareness to whatever you are doing – from wrapping gifts, to baking cookies, to cooking a holiday meal and opening presents (channel your 7 year-old self). You’ll gain an inner peace that comes from living fully in the present moment, and you'll accomplish more when your concentration is fixed on one thing at a time. Carry the conscious effort to be present when you are with your loved ones, co-workers or clients. Look them in the eye, give them your full attention on Zoom, and actively listen to what they are saying (versus preparing a response). Yes, this may mean putting your phone down :). Eat mindfully - don't just scarf down your holiday meal. Instead, try applying a mindful approach:

  • take a deep breath before you begin your meal

  • smell the food

  • think about what was involved in the preparation of this meal: the love that went into cooking it, the tradition behind it, etc.

  • Be grateful for it, the person who prepared it, and those you are with

  • truly savor each bite

  • eat it slowly

The gift of being present can be the greatest present you give this year. Wishing you all the best for a peaceful holiday season!

Janine Friedman, Owner and founder of Choice Training and Coaching Solutions, Inc. is an executive and leadership coach and holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coaching Federation. She empowers executives to improve their performance, address their challenges, and achieve their goals through customized coaching and training. To learn more about her background click here. To schedule a conversation to discuss these ideas further, click here.

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