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Are You Managing or Leading?

Have you ever taken the time to consider the difference between being a leader and a manager?

It’s crucial to understand this distinction, especially in today's landscape where retaining and attracting top talent is increasingly challenging. Leaders today face numerous evolving challenges, including navigating remote work, fostering diversity and inclusion, and driving innovation in rapidly changing markets.

The word “manager” stems from the root word “manus,” which means hand. Managers handle things. They manage budgets, projects, schedules, hiring, and more. In contrast, the root word “lead” means to go on a journey, to guide. Leaders take their team on a journey from where they are to where they aspire to be.

Management is an assignment.

Leadership is a choice.

Manage is what you do.

A Leader is who you are.

As Warren Bennis wisely stated:

“A manager’s eyes are on the bottom line, whereas a leader’s eyes are on the horizon.”

Today's leaders must address several key challenges:

  • Navigating Remote and Hybrid Work Environments: Creating a cohesive team culture and maintaining productivity despite physical distances.

  • Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Building inclusive workplaces where all employees feel valued and respected.

  • Driving Innovation: Leading teams to innovate in response to rapid technological advancements and market changes.

  • Enhancing Employee Engagement and Retention: Developing strategies to keep employees motivated and reduce turnover.

  • Adapting to Economic Uncertainty: Steering the organization through economic volatility and uncertainty.

You can’t manage your way through disruption; leadership is required. These evolving challenges demand true leadership.

If you’ve been managing and not leading, and you want to make a change, give me a call.

If your team is struggling to attract and retain talent, contact me for corporate leadership coaching or training.

Leadership is a Choice.

Janine Friedman, Owner and founder of Choice Training and Coaching Solutions, Inc. is a leadership and career performance coach and holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coaching Federation as well certifications in The Leadership Challenge and High Flow Coaching.


She has spent her 25+ year career dedicated to unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams. She empowers leaders to navigate challenges with confidence and inspire teams to reach new heights.

Through personalized coaching, dynamic workshops, and transformative strategies, she equips leaders with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in today's ever-evolving business landscape.

A large chunk of the work she does involves empowering women to move past self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome so they can experience more success in their careers without giving up happiness in their lives.

To learn more about her background click here.    To schedule a FREE 45-minute coaching consultation to sample what coaching can do for you, click here.

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