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  • Janine Friedman, MSILR, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week, at many tables across the country, families will be sharing their thoughts on what they are thankful for. For some, this is the only time of year they open up and verbally communicate their appreciation to those closest to them. This is why many of us enjoy this holiday more than any other. It's not about presents, shopping or busyness. Instead, it is based upon taking time to be still and really count our blessings. Don't forget to take time to be thankful for your work family. Whether it is your employees, co-workers, manager, vendors or clients, chances are you spend more time with them than your relatives. Why not take the time to share a kind word or note of appreciation? Some studies show that the main reason employees leave an organization is because they do not feel appreciated. Let this time of year be a reminder of how far a kind word or gesture can go. And, what better time than now to set some goals for showing your gratitude for your work family throughout this holiday season? Wishing you and your families (relatives and work) a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

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