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  • Janine Friedman, MSILR, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

With all of this snow and ice outside, it's hard to believe that spring is just days away. With the potential for more snow and cold temperatures in the forecast, you might find yourself struggling to beat the winter blues. Here are a few good tips for helping yourself out of them:

  • Try a mini-spa in the shower - alternate hot and cold water, 1 minute each, for 3 rounds. This is used often in Sweden and will speed your metabolism, boost circulation and serve to eliminate sluggishness.

  • Make the most out of day light savings. The good news is that sunset is not until 7 pm tonight. Sunlight exposure will boost your spirits. Sit by your window and let the sun warm your cheeks, or bundle up and head outside.

  • Take a vitamin D supplement. The older we get, the more prone we are to being deficient in this important vitamin. Inhabitants of colder climates (Iceland, Canada, etc.) take Vitamin D supplements to prevent the winter blahs.

  • Exercise - natural feel good endorphins are produced whenever we workout. If you can't get to the gym because of bad weather, do some cardio on your staircase or Google an at home workout.

  • Music - pump up some of your favorite tunes to shift your mood.

  • Meditation - always a great way to lift your spirits.

  • Plan your next vacation - anticipating a great trip can change your mood. Booking it and getting it on your calendar can be a great "pick me up,” and the anticipation of it gives you more time to enjoy the trip.

  • Hobbies - what would bring you joy this spring? This is a great week to research potential ideas and programs. Maybe you want to take tennis or golf lessons, or really commit to a yoga or meditation practice. Now is a great time to plan your garden and get your tools ready, start a book club, or schedule guitar lessons.

  • Do some spring cleaning - eliminating clutter from your work and home space can open up energy for great things. Pick one closet or drawer to clean. Use the satisfaction you feel to build momentum to move to the next area that needs to be de-cluttered. Clear and open space invites new, positive energy and opportunity.

  • Do something for yourself - take a warm bath, read a great book, book a concert (Jones Beach schedule is out :)) or comedy show, buy yourself some tulips, or schedule a message.

I encourage you to give some of these ideas a try and let me know how it goes.

If you need some help getting started, or strategizing for a successful spring, please contact me to book a coaching session.

Remember, success is a Choice.


"10 Tips to Beat Winter Depression", by Charmaine Gooden

"5 Tips on Beating Tips on Beating the Winter Blahs", by Diane Passage

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